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About the Founder                  The D’Angelo Group  was founded in 1992 by John A. D’Angelo, a career law enforcement officer with more than 35 years of                  investigative experience.  Mr. D’Angelo began his career after being honorably discharged from the United States Army where he                  served in a Target Acquisition Battalion in the Republic of Vietnam. Upon his discharge, Mr. D’Angelo joined a municipal police department and worked in both the patrol and detective divisions.  He later transferred to the Prosecutor’s Office in New Jersey where he was assigned to the most prestigious squads in the office.  He spent many years as an undercover detective where he infiltrated and exposed criminal groups involved in gun trafficking, extortion, truck hijackings, narcotics, prostitution and other organized criminal activity. In 1992,  Mr. D’Angelo was accepted into the New Jersey State Detectives Agency and received a special commission from the Governor, appointing him as a New Jersey State Detective.  This position confers state-wide police authority to Mr. D’Angelo.  In 1994,  Mr. D’Angelo was appointed Chief of Detectives for the Agency. Mr. D’Angelo holds a B. S.  degree in Public Safety Administration and has received extensive training from Federal, State and County law enforcement agencies.  He serves as President of the D’Angelo Group and oversees the daily operations of the Agency.
Client Services The D’Angelo Group provides a full range of investigative services to attorneys, corporation, insurance companies and  private clients.  We have a highly experienced investigative team who will guide you through the investigation process and offer our professional opinion on how best to proceed to achieve your goals.  We have access to numerous proprietary “public” and “non-public” databases containing billions of personal and business records to assure that you receive the most accurate and up-to-date information available. Please call us for a free consultation.
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Client Services
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Welcome to the D’Angelo Group The D’Angelo Group is a licensed and bonded private investigative agency providing a full range of confidential investigative services to attorneys, corporations, insurance companies and private individuals. We employ highly trained and experienced former Federal, State and Local law enforcement officers who work closely together as a team to ensure that professional results are obtained for you.  We have both male and female and Spanish-speaking investigators on staff. We pride ourselves in being able to analyze your objectives clearly and accurately and offer a straightforward strategy on how we can best proceed in accomplishing your goals.  You will find our reports accurate, thorough and completed in a timely and efficient manner. We understand how difficult your decision may be to hire a private investigator, but you can be assured that we at the D’Angelo Group will provide you with courteous, attentive and discreet services.